Dr Sushma Dixit


A self composed small poem dedicated to our beloved leader, former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji. The whole incident made me speechless and the silence silenced me.

End of an Era

Here ends the golden chapter of Indian politics,
With Atalji ‘s peaceful departure to heavenly abode,

A name synonymous to eternal brilliance
A statesman, an orator par excellence,
A journalist, a poet of indomitable will
Unsurpassable, Invincible, profound soul,
On its way to meet whole,
Perhaps to live an afterlife
Osiris waits to open door,
All abode to welcome warm,
Here comes my adore,

Thus ends the golden chapter,
Of a Nation,
Strong in deeds,
Large in skill,
Rich in culture,
With a long echoing history,

A leaders’ Leader,

A poets’ Poet,

A People’s People,

A Magician of words,

A ministers’ Minister

PM, Poet, Statesman, Gentleman

Peacefully departs to heavenly abode

Behind leaves Nation in tears,
Puts an end to a chapter golden,
Of politics, of a Nation Mourns,

His End marks,

The End of an ERA.


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